Embankment breach alert

Settlements along rivers are potentially threatened by possible embankment breaches and flood risk. In this situation rapid notification system plays a major role in saving lives and property. CAP.CAP system was introduced by the emergency operations center of the local community. When authorized institutions receive notice of rising water wave, officer in charge checks the protective embankment, and sends a private alert containing affected area, takes a picture of the embankment and exact location. Alert is received by emergency operations center, which notifies emergency officers in the area and issues a public alert that is disseminated to affected population. Private alerts are dispatched through email and SMS alert mechanisms, while public alerts are sent though emails, Twitter, Facebook and public web sites.

Officials and residents of the affected settlements are notified in a short period with accurate warning message containing exact location of the breach, affected areas and evacuation instructions in less that a minute. Officials on the ground can quickly send feedback on the changes as the situation evolves. Communication uses normal mobile handsets, which enables rapid inclusion of volunteers, rescue and emergency officers from other areas that do not posses or are trained with special radio equipment.

In this situation CAP.CAP achieves rapid communication mainly due to possibility exchaning text messages and graphical information, which provides just-in-time information about an imminent danger and instructions how to react. The information is not transmitted through voice, and thus quality and speed of communication is highly improved. Users of the system do not need special training. As accidents happen when least expected, secure and reliable multimedia communication tool is of great importance.