Internal staff communication in shopping center

There is huge fluctuation of customers and goods in shopping centers and big supermarket stores which demands good staff communication and organization so that they would be able to readily respond on all challenges during working period.

Our CAP.CAP software solution enables the best event overview and reliable information flow through which communication is organized from one central place. The system provides more efficient and faster information flow, easily creating messages that in a brief period transmits important information to all employees or selected groups. One unique message can simultaneously be sent as SMS, e-mail or dispatched through a smartphone application. Once created, this message stays logged in the system and, if necessary, it can be checked for any details related to a message in every moment.  Additional value of CAP.CAP system is a two-way communication so that message recipient becomes active participant of the event.

Employee in the information center will send only one message through CAP.CAP system that will notify all staff in the shopping center such as: notification on electrical power outage, when the supply will be reestablished and provide with instructions that the devices need to be shut off in advance, or which activities should be taken. All employees will receive SMS with detailed information on their mobile phones and smartphones so that they can immediately proceed with the given instructions. The message can contain a document or photo attached, which is simply opened by a single click to view more details.   Within the message there is possibility to add a link that leads recipient for additional information. Employees can respond to the received message and give back information of situation development, or to confirm that some activity has been successfully performed.

CAP.CAP system ensures that sent information is authentic and accurate. Only authorized person can create message that is fast and secure, protected from unauthorized intrusion into the system.

If you wish to inform your employees in shopping center on extraordinary situation, inspection, meeting, new legal regulations or promotional activities, this CAP.CAP system ensures fast, simple and secure transfer of the message. The system serves as a support for more efficient communication with employees, better team organization and at the same time raises the level of security for employees and visitors of the shopping center.