Missing child in a tourist resort

Tourist resort contains various facilities like hotels, camps, apartments, beaches, pools, recreational and sporting areas, etc. During a tourist season there are large number of tourists and visitors who often come from different countries and speak different languages. Central security service is responsible for maintaining safety and security of the tourists, staff and property. Locally installed CAP.CAP instance is accessible to operators and security officers. It connects all staff working in the resort: lifeguards, security officers, receptionists, maids, bartenders, waiters, staff working in shops, bars, sporting and recreational centers. Connected staff use mobile phones for communication, and do not require special equipment or education for using the system.

In situation where resort capacity is full of tourists, it can easily happen that parents lose track of their child and cannot find it. Such parents, in highly stressed situation, approach resort staff who gets them in contact with responsible security officer. The officer requests information about the child, such as name, age, worn clothes, spoken language, place where they lost their child and picture of the child (typically provided as digital photo from mobile phone).

Based on gathered information, security officer uses CAP.CAP to generate message about missing child, which is automatically translated into targeted languages, adds child’s photo and forwards from official computer the alert to all resort staff members through SMS and e-mail. In few seconds all connected personnel receives an alert about missing child and the search can start immediately on the whole areas where resort staff is present.

In this way, CAP.CAP application ensured fast dispatch of a complete message with child photo so that the staff in tourist resort can contact to the central security service if they see child similar to distributed photo. Parents are immediately notified on possible location, while staff member can follow instructions and approach the missing child, communicating the basic information on the language that child understands, even if staff member does not understand or speak that language. A result is solved crisis situation in a matter of minutes.

According to newest research, safety has the major effect on attractiveness of any location in the global tourist market, and as such became a major criterion for choosing a vacation destination. Due to capability to establish simple, fast and precise communication channel, CAP.CAP represents important tool to increase overall safety and security of tourist destinations.