Power supply outage notification

Information that has impact on the local population, although not addressing any immediate danger, can significantly affect quality of life in local community. Sudden outages of electricity, water or gas supply may affect local businesses but also the quality of normal daily activities of the population.

Power supply outage of the smaller area can have various causes, but often notices of such events are transmitted vocally. Timely communication about the cause, the affected area, and the duration of the interruption of supply allows citizens better use of their time and reduces the level of frustration due to poor awareness. Businesses entities can adapt working hours regarding new circumstances, thereby reducing costs and contributing to economic activity and general well-being of local communities.

CAP.CAP allows the local authorities to establish a single place to enter and publish such information of general importance for local community.  Public notification is automatically disseminated through multiple communication channels, such as e-mail, Internet portal and through social networks. Once introduced, the same communication channels to the local population becomes far more efficient in the case of general emergency.