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web application

What is CAP.CAP?

CAP.CAP is complete IT solution for simple, fast and secure dispatching of mass alerts and notifications in emergency situations.

It enables creation of unique message, which is disseminated through multiple alert mechanisms to unlimited number of subscribers.

The alerting and messaging system provides efficient communication during emergency situations, when information needs to reach subscribers reliably and quickly in order to stimulate rapid reaction.

Briefly about CAP.CAP

From one unique place!

Unique message is created!

One click dissaminates message through multiple communication channels!

Message delivery in seconds!

Reaches large number of subscribers who can react immediately.

Bypasses voice communication.

Main system features


  • Simple to use
  • Simple to create message
  • Simple to integrate


  • Quick message creation
  • Fast dispatch through multiple channels in parallel
  • Fast delivery of information
  • Enables rapid reaction in emergency situation


  • Access restricted to authorized personnel
  • Compatible with CAP protocol
  • Disseminated alerts contain complete information


  • Messages can originate from authorized system or personnel only
  • Secure message delivery
  • CAP.CAP can be simply and securely integrate with existing systems
  • Verifiable authenticity and integrity of information


Efficient and faster than traditional methods of alerting.

Simple and easy to create an alert message.

Quick and securely message delivery.

One message can be sent via multiple communication channels.

True and complete information.

Multimedia attachments allows complete information.

Enables recipients to respond on alerting message.

Effective in emergency situations.

System is easy to deploy, integrate and use.

Web based interface requires no client specific installation.

The SMS interface enables two-way communication.

Works through internet, intranet and mobile network.

Who can use this system?

CAP.CAP system is useful in local society, for institution in public and private sector and as an information service for events.

  • State-wide warning system
  • Regional integrated warning services
  • City-wide community warning system
  • Staff Call-out system
  • In-Campus alert and notification system
  • Neighborhood notification system
  • Monitoring and incident reporting system
  • Staff notification and communication
  • Reporting and incident notification system
  • Public events and entertainment

Three simple steps in creating a message

Case Studies

Missing child in a tourist resort

Tourist resort contains various facilities like hotels, camps, apartments, beaches, pools, recreational are...

Tourist resort contains various facilities like hotels, camps, apartments, beaches, pools, recreational areas etc. During a tourist season there are large number of tourists and visitors who often come from different countries and speak different languages. Central security service is responsible for maintaining safety and security of the tourists, staff and property. Locally installed CAP.CAP instance is accessible to operators and security officers. It connects all staff working in the resort: lifeguards, security officers, receptionists, bartenders, animators, waitors, managers etc. Connected staff use normal mobile phones for communication, and do not require special equipment or education for using the system.

In situation where resort capacity is full of tourists, it often happens that parent or guardian looses track of their child and cannot find it. Such a parent, in highly stressed situation, approaches resort staff who gets them in contact with responsible security officer. The officer requests information about the child, such as name, age, worn clothes, spoken language and picture of the child (typically provided as digital photo from mobile phone).

Based on gathered information, security officer uses CAP.CAP to generate message about missing child, which is automatically translated into targeted languages, and forwards the alert to all resort staff members through SMS and email. In couple of seconds all connected personnel receives an alert about missing child, including scanned picture of the child and with a text on the language child understands. Thus search for missing child can commence immediately on the whole areas where resort staff is present. After a staff member spots the missing child, he/she can notify the operations center by sending a picture of the child and the current location. Parents and security officers are immediately notified, while staff member can follow instructions and approach the missing child, communicating the basic information on the language that child understands, even if staff member does not understand or speak that language. A result is solved crisis situation in a matter of minutes.

Safety has the major effect on attractiveness of any location in the global tourist market, and has become a major criterion for choosing a vacation destination. Due to capability to establish simple, fast and precise communication channel, CAP.CAP represents important tool to increase overall safety and security of tourist destinations.


Embankment breach alert

Settlements along rivers are potentially threatened by possible embankment breaches and flood risk. In this...

Settlements along rivers are potentially threatened by possible embankment breaches and flood risk. In this situation rapid notification system plays a major role in saving lives and property. CAP.CAP system was introduced by the emergency operations center of the local community. When authorized institutions receive notice of rising water wave, officer in charge checks the protective embankment, and sends a private alert containing affected area, takes a picture of the embankment and exact location. Alert is received by emergency operations center, which notifies emergency officers in the area and issues a public alert that is disseminated to affected population. Private alerts are dispatched through email and SMS alert mechanisms, while public alerts are sent though emails, Twitter, Facebook and public web sites.

Officials and residents of the affected settlements are notified in a short period with accurate warning message containing exact location of the breach, affected areas and evacuation instructions in less that a minute. Officials on the ground can quickly send feedback on the changes as the situation evolves. Communication uses normal mobile handsets, which enables rapid inclusion of volunteers, rescue and emergency officers from other areas that do not posses or are trained with special radio equipment.

In this situation CAP.CAP achieves rapid communication mainly due to possibility exchaning text messages and graphical information, which provides just-in-time information about an imminent danger and instructions how to react. The information is not transmitted through voice, and thus quality and speed of communication is highly improved. Users of the system do not need special training. As accidents happen when least expected, secure and reliable multimedia communication tool is of great importance.


Firefighting notifications and coordination

Fires in the open terrain, especially during summer, have tendency of sudden outbreaks, rapid and often unp...

Fires in the open terrain, especially during summer, have tendency of sudden outbreaks, rapid and often unpredictable expansion which require quick and effective coordination of professional troops, volunteer firefighters, vulnerable population and visitors in the affected area.

In such chaotic circumstances, professional firefighters often can not timely and effectively cover wider area. Local population and volunteers might not have adequate equipment, training and means of communication to include them effectively in the intervention before professional units can be engaged. Using CAP.CAP system operations center can alert and coordinate the voluntary firefighters and professional troops, by providing communication support and information transfer between improvised teams formed on the ground. By submitting graphic instructions on equipment handling, behavioral and communication protocols to volunteers it reduces the possibility of injury to non-professional participants engaged in the situation. Using the correct positioning and Geo-mapping professional troops are getting a far better ability to monitor the state of the fire even when sustained and prompt air surveillance is not available. Public warnings can be automatically translated into foreign languages, and tourist professionals in the field can transmit appropriate instructions to visitors even in cases where they are not familiar with foreign languages  spoken by visitors.

In such situation CAP.CAP enables rapid adding of new contacts to the communication system according to situational developments in the field. Since the communication using mobile devices, it does not require special equipment or training for members of ad-hoc teams. This allows establishment of an ad-hoc two-way communication between the teams on the field that previously were not organized properly. Transferring information text messages, instructions, terrain maps greatly shortens notification time and improves information quality. Automatic translation into foreign languages raises the safety of tourists in the area.

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Emergency notification can be immediately sent to the recipients via many formats a communication channels.
Alert text, logos, process and context menu text can be tailored to suit your organization’s needs.
Beside English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, it can be easily translated into additional languages.
One message is enough to alert large numbers of recipients.
Single message can be sent through various communication tools: SMS, E-mail, RDS, public sirens, interruption of television or radio programs, marine radio, social networks and public portal.
Integrated translation tools can help the users to translate alerts from their native language to other supported languages, increasing audience reach and speed of translation in critical situations.
Available as virtual appliance or self-contained installation image, reducing time and knowledge needed for installation and configuration of the system.
CAP.CAP integrates widely used Google Maps for producing interactive geo-related content in a visual manner.
Options to distribute alerts to Facebook and Twitter for quick and easy information to your stakeholders or citizens.
Intuitive responsive design enables usage of wide-variety of desktops, tablets, SmartTVs and smartphones.
Access to the system is protected by using HTTPS/SSL encryption for data communication, support for PKI and digital signatures using built-in or external certificate authority.
In high availability configuration, CAP.CAP servers can be distributed in independent data centers or clouds, providing resiliency against network outages.

How it works?

CAP.CAP consists of web based services providing intuitive user interface to authorized users who create warning messages and send it through multiple channels to defined recipients. Application is suitable for alerts, warnings and notifications managed from one place and integrated with all warning methods supported by Common Alerting Protocol. Streamlined alert editor in just three steps enables quick entry of all CAP relevant parameters. For private and restricted alerts, direct two-way communication with connected subscribers enables fast feedback information using mobile devices.

Main purpose of this solution is fast and reliable dissemination of alerts, warnings and notifications from one focal point integrated with all available alerting mechanisms using OASIS CAP v1.2 protocol. Typical dissemination methods are web site publishing, SMS, email, RDS receivers, public sirens, TV/Radio interrupts, Marine Radio broadcasts, social network publishing.

Technical infrastructure

Dissemination methods

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